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PVS are able to offer a cost comparison calculator designed by Nige O’Shea of Professional Inspirations the market leading Automotive Trainer. Nige is a fantastic font of Automotive knowledge & the calculator will account for the very latest tax changes.

The Leasing Carculator

Some of our newer clients like to split the purchase and the funding of the car to ensure they negotiate both parts of the equation.  Whilst we are happy to offer funding only or supply only it’s worthwhile considering the following:

A bank of financial institution will not get you a single penny in discount for your new car.

The average discount and bonus PVS receive on a car is far greater than the total amount of interest chargeable.

Most banks do not have the range of motor related financial products we are able to offer.

A car is probably the second biggest financial commitment you are likely to undertake. Make sure you look at all the options and discuss it with someone who is truly independent.

Discuss it with us.

We are uniquely situated as independent arbiters. Our profit is derived from the funds you utilise in your lease. The financial product and the type of car are completely immaterial to PVS so we will give you the right advice.

Visiting a Mercedes showroom means the salesman will try to sell you a Mercedes car and one of the limited financial products he can offer. He’s just trying to do his job. We will ensure you get the best car for your needs and the most cost and tax efficient product.

Our staff are salaried and do not receive additional commission for “pushing” a particular model or product. This is done specifically to ensure independence in the advice we give.



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